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A belt dryer will provide a good drying result

Are you looking for a company that is specialized in designing and manufacturing drying systems? Dutch Dryers BV has drying systems for a broad range of applications. Does your company need to dry the products you produce before you are able to pack and transport them? In that case, you want it to happen as fast as possible and in the most professional way possible. That’s why you choose a belt dryer to dry your products fast and efficient. When you purchase your belt dryer at Dutch Dryers BV you are not online guaranteed of a high-quality belt dryer, but also receive an outstanding service. This company has many years of experience in the field and the employees are always ready to answer all of your questions about their drying systems, for example a belt dryer. With clients from all over the world, they are ready to help you no matter where your company is located.

A sustainable solution to create dry products

Did you know that a belt dryer is a very sustainable solution for drying products? You use a belt dryer with process heat in order to dry products with a high moisture level. With a belt dryer you turn those products into dry products very fast. A temperature of 50 °C is already enough for a belt dryer to dry your products. The belt dryer transports the material on a moving belt. While the products are being transported, hot are is being sucked trough the machine so the products wilt dry. This enables a sufficient drying process and gives you extra time for other important tasks in your company.

Discover the possibilities by getting in touch with this company

Are you interested in a belt dryer of this expert in drying machines or would you like to make an appointment with these experts to discuss the prospects? Feel free to contact the professional employees of this company with all your questions.