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A bespoke vegetable washing machine for your company

When your company is active in the food processing or production industry, you need to make sure that the quality of your products is guaranteed. How can you achieve this? By putting a lot of effort in preserving the hygiene of the product. Particularly when working with fruit and vegetables, this is of paramount importance. In this case, Allround VP can help you with some intuitive machinery. A vegetable washing machine is the ideal solution to the problem of hygiene in your company. This apparatus can be installed precisely to fit your production floor and will speed up your process significantly. With a wide variety of types and scales, they will surely have the perfect machine for you.

Choose the variant that fits your production best

When going for a vegetable washing machine, it is always important to inform yourself about the possibilities at Allround VP. Their website shows extensive information about the different options, but it is also possible to contact their team and let one of the enthusiastic employees explain it in detail to you. You could therefore choose for a U range type, which has an outfeed web belt with cleats. Perhaps the UK range is more ideal for you. These are designed to operate without a water basin and include a slurry chain to take out the sludge in the machinery. The internal water recirculation system will take care of everything. Are you interested? Then let them know!

Order your apparatus

Are you interested in a vegetable washing machine from Allround VP? Then get in contact with their team to learn the specifics about ordering the material you need. They will advise you about the various methods in which they can adapt the machinery to your production line. This way, you will enjoy a more streamlined production process and a faster rate at which the end product is produced. Take this opportunity while you can.