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A cigarette with strawberry cheesecake or milkshake flavor

,,We are being peeped,” says Tony de Hond. “Because of all the junk that cigarette manufacturers add to their products.” Together with Koen Vissers, who was once an inveterate smoker like De Hond, he started the Netherlands’ first e-liquid production line in 2013. Today, UEG in Oosterhout is one of the largest wholesalers of e-cigarette products and the only producer of e-liquids in the Netherlands.

Hot Air Balloon Flights

De Hond organized hot air balloon flights and was looking for a challenge to be able to plunge into the winter months. Vissers came into contact with e-cigarettes when he helped his wife set up a consumer website.

The basis of each e-liquid consists of a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). PG provides ‘a raw edge’ when inhaled, as De Hond describes it. “For the smoker, this is an essential part of the total experience.” VG, on the other hand, provides more vapor, to which more flavorings can be added.

Pineapple, cappuccino, tobacco, watermelon, banana or cherry. You can hardly imagine that the Oosterhout liquid manufacturer can make it. The best e liquids of Ecigmarketxl.comare found online. According to the producer, the majority of switchers start with a tobacco flavour. “After that, they will try and combine different flavors.”

Less flavors

In addition to the unambiguous fruit, menthol or tobacco flavors, there are the more complicated and less unambiguous flavors such as; strawberry cheesecake, milkshake, pink bubble and summer breeze. “In total we have now brought about 2000 different flavors to the market”, Vissers estimates. Vissers admits immediately that none of these flavors come from his tube. “I no longer have the taste buds for that, after smoking tobacco for years.”

De Hond is the master of taste within the company. He develops many new flavor variants at home. “Then the whole table is full of bottles. Using 1 milliliter syringes I combine and experiment with flavor combinations. He approaches his flavor combinations the way a vinologist judges wine. ,,Flavors must be in balance, as they strive for in a star restaurant. Visit online e cigarettes store ecigmarketxl.comfor more information. A new flavor line will soon be launched on the market; gourmand”, says De Hond proudly. “Aimed at the gourmet.”

Not every flavor has to be a personal favorite, by the way. After all, tastes differ. ,,I can judge quite well on taste, if I do say so myself. Regardless of my personal preferences. Take the jawbreaker, for example, like the candy, I can judge very well whether the flavors match.”