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Fiscal representation France avec Macron

Date : May 15, 2017 Category : Business / Financial Services
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Fiscal representation France– A brief

Fiscal representation in France becomes important when your business engages in imports and exports in France because the representative will know the local language and be conversant with tax and custom laws and can communicate with the tax authorities on your behalf. A company that must hire a representative is any non EU company which is not established in France but engages in VAT taxable operations such as delivery of goods and services to customers who do not have a VAT registration in France, or when the company is distance selling from a warehouse in France or from another EU member into France


The first thing that a fiscal representative takes care of is the VAT refund applications and claims and this the representative can take care of in most EU countries. What this means is that if you have sold goods and services in any member of the European Union and these goods and services were not subject to VAT then you can claim a refund by means of an application. The representative can prepare the refund however you want since you get the option of filing for a refund on either quarterly basis or annual basis. If you get a refusal on your refund application even then it is the responsibility of the representative to communicate with the authorities and get them to further review your application. Although you can submit the application yourself but you might not be aware of the language of the authority or the legal requirements therefore to avoid the possibility of rejection of the application one is advised to hire a representative. Like we discussed above an application can get rejected even when it is filed by a representative but what happens in this case is that the representative can help with appeal and relevant proceedings. The advantage of having a representative is that he will know the laws of every country because what might happen is that a claim might get approved in one country and the same claim might get rejected in another country because of the difference in laws.


Fiscal representation in France is usefulalso because the representative will verify your invoices and those of the supplier so as to make sure that national laws are complied with. The representative will also help your company acquire a EORI number and inform you in advance when a particular change in law can affect your dealings.


To conclude I would like to say that a representative experienced in the field of relevant laws, rules and regulations of France as well as that of other countries can handle all matters and procedures on your behalf and the biggest way in which he will save a lot of your money is by ensuring that you do not need to have any subsidiaries and branches in different countries. This along with other cash benefit schemes affects your company in a great way and ensures positive changes in your cash flow which further improves business since you now have more time to concentrate on core business.

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