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Here you can purchase high-quality whey protein concentrates for your company

Whey protein concentrates are products that can be used to support optimal bodily function, muscle recovery, and weight loss. These protein concentrates are popular amongst athletes, but they are a healthy product in general as well. Are you looking for high-quality whey protein concentrates that you can offer to your customers? Then Interfood is the right supplier for your company. They have built more than 50 years of experience as a dairy company and they supply their products at an international level. This company is renowned for its innovative production of dairy products. Interfood started in 1970 as an export company for condensed milk and calf milk replacers, which they transported from the Netherlands to Italy and Greece. Nowadays, they are trading 1,100,000 MT of dairy products globally per annum, with the trust and appreciation from both suppliers and their customers. They supply their products from 14 different locations worldwide!

What are whey protein concentrates?

Interfood is able to guarantee the best possible whey protein concentrates and many more other dairy products. These concentrates are of course a very commonly-used product amongst people who actively exercise or play sports. Whey is a by-product of cheese production, which leads to a large protein concentration. Although there are many protein concentrates on the market, whey is considered to be the best protein powder for body health purposes. It has a low level of lactose content and it can easily be used to make protein shakes. Whey protein concentrates from Interfood are produced from sweet cheese whey (which creates a nice and sweet flavor) by ultra-filtration, evaporation, and spray drying.

Learn more about their products

The specialists from Interfood are available 24/7 to answer all your questions about their dairy products. Choose one of their locations and do not hesitate to contact them. Take a look at their website as well to inquire after the possibilities and to learn more about all their dairy products and innovations.

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