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HTML5 together with CSS3 and JavaScript

HTML5 together with CSS3 and JavaScript give the developer ample opportunities to create games using 3D, animation, Canvas, mathematics, colors, sound, WebGL. One of the most obvious advantages of HTML5 is its platform independence and, in general, hardware independence.

Upon closer examination, it is possible to identify additional opportunities provided by the engines: simplification of some frequently encountered tasks or loading resources, decorated input, physics, sound, bitmaps (of course, there are not many of them). There are also rather poorly designed engines, and there are those that provide the developer with a 2D level editor and debugging tools for use.

It is assumed that most engines serve to reduce the time spent on developing a full game. However, many developers prefer to create their project entirely from scratch in order to better represent its device. There are few JavaScript-HTML5 engines that are really worth something, but they may have one big drawback: they are no longer supported or are close to ending support. Therefore, when choosing an engine, opt for those products, the support of which will last quite a long time.

So, here, in fact, the engines themselves.


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