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Relieve Runescape 2007 Quest Boss Encounters in the Nightmare Zone

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Nightmare Zone is a Runescape 2007 mini-game where players have the chance to re-fight some of the bosses they’ve already defeated for quests.

Nightmare Zone is one of the mini-games available in Runescape 2007. This activity requires combat but players don’t lose any items as death penalty. Players will interact with Dominic Onion the mage who deals with dreams to take part in this activity. Dominic has the power to induce dreams. In these dreams, players fight once again against quest bosses they’ve defeated in the past. Players must first reach Dominic’s location in Yanille. There are five ways of doing this. The easiest way is to use the teleport option from the mini-game tab if that is available. Players can also teleport to the Watchtower or Castle Wars and continue the journey on foot. It’s also possible to teleport to a house if it’s located in Yanille. A Fairy Ring will also bring players closer to Dominic.

Players need coins to pay for the Nightmare Zone modes. There are three modes available. Players can enter practice mode for free. As the name suggests, practice mode is for training and has no significant rewards. In endurance mode, the price changes from 1000 coins to 5000 depending on the difficulty. Endurance mode is a single player mode. Players get to fight against bosses in waves, each defeated boss rewards points. The objective is to survive all bosses. For normal rumble mode, players pay 2000 coins while hard rumble costs 6000 coins. It’s possible to enjoy personalized versions of rumble mode for 22,000 and 26,000 coins. A 10,000 coins discount is offered to players who acquired all quest points.

Rumble mode has optional multiplayer. In this mode, bosses are randomly generated and spawn infinitely. The goal is to survive for as long as possible. On normal difficulty, players will fight the exact version of bosses they’ve encountered when completing the quests. On hard difficulty, bosses have twice as much health, strength, attack and magic. Nightmare Zone has a spectator mode so players can watch their friends fighting bosses. The runescape 2007 gold are also important for players to enjoy the games, which can help players have more time to enjoy the exciting and challenging games.

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